Sunday, 30 September 2012

The First Step

My Violins - Spot the "renegade"!

“She doesn’t know what she wants in life.” I’ve heard this so many times. I would simply brush it aside, keep my focus and move towards my mountain—even if it has to take me 10 years to do so.

My past blog entries were simply about myself. I've found it to be pretty self-indulgent. I had friends who told me that it was good to share my past experiences--for people to understand that sporting life journeys to the top of the field is not an easy one. However, I felt uncomfortable with the me-emphasis and was limited by what I could write about. I had to change my topic.

Recently, I’ve made the huge leap to hang up my corporate attire to freelance. I want to write more, and do what I’ve always loved, music. I’ve received mixed responses of my decision. They ranged from positive support to negative “put-me-down” comments. Through our lives, we learn to seek for and learn from the constructive criticisms. Ultimately, we lead our own lives—we absorb what is relevant, make a choice and make it good.

My immediate goal is to provide myself some financial security. It’s a blessing to be able to marry both passion and work. Today, I posted an advertisement in The Sunday Times Classified—violin lessons for adults. I will have my first student this coming week.

To create the relevance and maintain the continuity in what I’m going to do, it would be appropriate for me to blog about music. Sport has been a part of my life since childhood, and it will remain so. Once in awhile, I will sneak in some sporting stories.

In whatever we strive to accomplish, we need to take that first step out of our familiar grounds, and opportunities would appear in more ways than one.

I've just taken my first step.


  1. "To discover new land, you got to have the courage to lose sights of the shore."

    Its great to be able to marry passion with work, hang in there!

  2. Words well written with deep meaning! By you, For you.
    You Go!!!

  3. All the best for your future endeavours. We both know how capable you can be if you put your mind to it. Be positive, humble and God will show you the way. Good luck.

  4. Sorry, late comer to the blog.

    Press on Eileen! Go find your own mountain to climb! :)